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Important Dates to Remember






Fechas Importantes Para Recordar










Vocations Prayer for our Diocese

O God, hear my prayer, and let my cry come unto you.  Bless our Diocese of Savannah with many priestly and religious vocations.  Give the men and women you call the light to understand your gift and the love to follow always in the footsteps of your priestly Son.  Amen.


Soon we will begin preparing an advertising insert for the bulletin.  We are exploring all options, but the initial page will be broken up into business card size spaces available on weekly or monthly terms.  It is our hope that active participation by our Parishes will eventually help the printing of our bulletin to become not only self-supporting but income-producing.  If you might be interested in and/or would like to offer suggestions please contact the office, email us, or drop by a business card for free display in our initial sample sheet to be published soon.  Thank you and may God continue to bless you all.

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